The F(l)ight Club

April 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I went for a morning stroll in the lawns today, when suddenly, I had to stop.

There they were. Just walking around with not a care in the world.

Slowly some of them started closing in… They formed a sort of a circle..

Two from among them entered the circle, looked at each other, and bowed. And bowed again. And yet again.

All of a sudden, the one on the right leaped over the other! But that wasn’t unexpected, because the other was ready! He turned him over and came on top! though the first was still the one with the more ferocious moves, the other matched him pretty well …the struggle continued.

The ones around seemed to be cheering.. one of them a little too loudly. The wrestlers must have noticed that too, because seconds later both of them abandoned their fight and charged towards the poor chap!

He escaped just in time. *phew* I hadn’t realized I was holding my breadth!

But, unfortunately for me *this was just getting better!*, by the time the chasers came back from their pursuit, the audience’s mood had gone slack. They had had enough entertainment for the time being.

They went back to the usual.

Just walking around with not a care in the world. ..And I continued my stroll..

Would you believe if I said I was talking of birds?


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