The way we live.

February 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Means to an end.

Don’t we look at most things we do in life as that? Doing something we are not happy doing in hope of an end which will reward us? A rough road leading to a destination?

Haha. If taken that way, wouldn’t it describe life itself? Means to an end. Apt indeed.


But we don’t want that! A rough and laboring life only to die in the end! No! We want results during the lifetime. Money, fame, popularity, you name it. But as soon as we reach one “end”, the next “means” begins; for the next “end” and so on until the natural end.

So essentially it is a rough and laboring life only to die in the end (with a few numbered perks during the lifetime). How very satisfying a life.


Ok. Now I should probably stop mocking reality. But before closing, I ask you:

When you know that no matter what you do, your end is going to be death, why not enjoy every minute of life and be happy rather than keep running for something that will make you happy for a moment after which the next race will begin?

Is that one moment really worth all those months and years?

Why live life as a cumulative mass of those never ending “means to an end” when you can just be happy throughout?


§ 2 Responses to The way we live.

  • Swati Aggarwal says:

    Because having a purpose in aim or goal..doesn’t mean we cant be happy while working towards it. as they say..the journey is more fun then reaching the destination..
    And u need a purpose in life..You shouldn’t race towards it without living and enjoying life..But who says you cant have one without the other..?

    • aastha164 says:

      I only said I am against consideration of actions as means to an end. It finishes the importance of that action in itself. And if you let the goal only to inspire you, motivate you… what better? Journey is more fun than the destination only re-emphasizes my point of reducing the importance we give to “ends” in life..

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