The New Year Lesson- 2010

August 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Leave your bag of money in a busy Saudi market. Go back the next morning to find it sitting right where you left it!”

I really don’t know how much of that is true, but when my friend told me this, unsurprisingly I was surprised. I responded with a ‘how come??’. “It’s due to the extremely strict and cruel judicial system there”.

Wow! Other than the cruelty of the judiciary, isn’t that the situation India needs today, when we are increasingly insecure about everything, and trust is a word well forgotten!

…and then there was this motorbike ad which said something about a village where there were no doors! Though I neglected that thinking that it can surely not be anything but an advertising gimmick!

So why exactly am I writing this piece: is it to discuss how to make our judiciary more cruel and strict??

No, it’s because my thoughts regarding this have changed. Coming to the why’s and how’s, read along…

The first ten days of 2010. It was after a very long time that my parents and sister along with me were going on a family vacation. We had decided on the beautiful and pristine Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I just hadn’t known how pristine it was even from the rising insecurity in the mainland.

At first we were just surprised by the fact that everyone trusted everyone else! “We need not lock the door of our room in the guest house or hotel, nothing’s going to happen” “I left the car unlocked when I went out for some time, but nothing could have happened”!

But when my sister forgot her brand new mobile phone on a luxury cruise one evening, we were more than sure of never getting it back, and proving the islanders that we were right, you shouldn’t trust everyone for everything it can prove dangerous.

But looks like they were right after all!

The sweeper cleaning the ship after its last trip that day (which was ours), found the phone, and sincerely gave it to the captain of the ship, who (again unselfishly) called on the last number dialled and informed of a such-and-such phone being found on the ship.

Imagine our surprise when my cousin from Chennai called to ask if any of us had an LG Cookie and that Captain X supposedly had its custody!

And so getting back the cell phone was not only about saving the money, the precious photos and messages and contacts on the phone; it was about the happy realisation that there does exist a well developed place in India, where a strong sense of security still exists!

I don’t mean to say that our judicial system doesn’t need any changes, and it’s just us who need to change, because you bet it does! …more effective court sessions, smaller length of trials, lesser corruption…the list may be endless!

But before that we need to learn from the southern-most state capital of India how to trust everyone, maximise our sense of security, and …the next time you find a mobile phone worth Rs.12000, return it!


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