See her

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See her walk with her head held high
Fearless, confident and strong
Untouchable and indestructible
Making the world dance to her song.

See her close the door behind her
Before she takes off her mask
Burnt, bruised, injured, damaged
She lets her truth, in sunlight, bask.

See her now tremble and cry
Her frail figure bent and weary
She drags her feet across the floor
And her eyes are puffy red and teary.

But the facade is not a deception
A lie for the world to see
It is to give herself the inner strength
To be who she is, who she wants to be.

See her step outside again
Keeping up with her poised display
With a smile across her beautiful face
She braves the world day after day.


Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution

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Aldous huxley Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World , rated number one in the List Muse Top 100 Fiction books list , here discusses influence, controlling the public mind and government.

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”  Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley, The Ultimate Revolution (44:17): MP3

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A lesson learnt the hard way.

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Life’s a series of crests and troughs,

Moments filling us with mirth and tears,

Lessons to be learnt at every turn,

As, birth to death, ahead it steers.


I came across a new bend this once,

I knew not what to do or say.

Life revealed how brittle it was,

When my dear Babaji passed away.



A man of strong will he was,

Mind over matter personified.

When life left him disabled too,

He just as well, took it in his stride.


An interesting life he had lead *sigh*

Wish I could but be there to see-

A freedom-rebel, a war veteran,

A doctor and scholar too was he!


But the best of him I did not miss-

That as my doting grandfather,

Spoiling us with sweets, games, ‘nd jokes,

Time with him was all love and laughter.


Years went by, and so did his health,

And though that never faltered his spirit,

I saw that wonderful man wither away,

And depart, as his suffering reached its limit.


There he lay in his glass casket,

Tranquility swept across his face.

As I stood there and watched him blur,

He seemed to smile with heavenly grace.



The next time I come back home,

I know I will not find him there.

But his presence, and his memories,

I will in my heart forever bear.


Life’s a series of crests and troughs,

Moments filling us with mirth and tears,

Lessons to be learnt at every turn,

As, birth to death, ahead it steers.





Almost an year has gone by Babaji. But I still miss you. This is for you.

The Mirror of Satisfaction

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There are two worlds. And I am standing at the intersection. Conflicted and bemused at most times. Which one is true? Which one is right? Where do I belong?

Two worlds.

One, so perfect, just the way I think everything should be. I can never feel lost here. No rude shocks, no unpredictables, nothing out of place. I am so happy here! So satisfied with the world! My world!

The other just the opposite.. I never know what is going to happen. Hardly anything fits the way I think it should. Sometimes I am happier than I could ever imagine, and sometimes I am just so lost that I want to run away from this world!

Two worlds.

One we create. Based on our beliefs, our perspective, our reasons and logic. The world that seems so perfect because we understand all its mechanisms, in essence it is, after all, how we define ‘perfect’! The world inside our heads.

The other we live in. Unpredictable, unreasonable, incomprehensible. The world so opposite the first, so.. un-perfect! (if that is even a word!) The world around us.

Its only when these two completely incompatible worlds show split seconds of similarity, that we experience clarity in our life.

For those few tiny moments, there is just one world- our perfect world.

But a few more ticks of the clock and we are back at crossroads.

So what does bring about life long happiness and satisfaction? Or can we at all?

Lets see. So we are in no way a multi-world species. We are most comfortable when there is just one world. In and around us.

But how do we reconcile these two worlds that seem so completely at odds?

If we thinking of changing on of the worlds, that could only be the one inside us. But how do we change something we create to an unpredictable world we don’t even understand?

First option crossed out.

But then what can we do? We certainly cannot alter the outer world.. If not the world itself maybe we can change the way we look at it, interpret it…

Maybe just notice the good parts, the parts that fit in and ignore the rest. Yes that should make us happy. After all we are just fitting the world into the one inside us right?

Then again, wouldn’t that be just like the pigeon who closes her eyes to ignore the cat approaching her thinking that if she cant see it, it is not going to eat it up in actuality too!

And we all know that is not how the story ends.

If we limit our view of the world and try to live within our imagination, reality almost always shatters it, sooner or later.

Does that mean yet another option is unavailable?

What am I left with then?

The only other choice I see also seems to be the most sensible one.

We must strive to reach our perfect world by altering our reality, even if never actually reach it!

Knowing that we are walking towards a convergence of our two worlds keeps us happy and satisfied too.

Don’t simply mirror your two worlds and fancy being happy.

Alter your reality for it to mirror your inner world by itself. And be happy.

Don’t just place the mirror between the worlds create it yourself. Your very own mirror of satisfaction.

The F(l)ight Club

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I went for a morning stroll in the lawns today, when suddenly, I had to stop.

There they were. Just walking around with not a care in the world.

Slowly some of them started closing in… They formed a sort of a circle..

Two from among them entered the circle, looked at each other, and bowed. And bowed again. And yet again.

All of a sudden, the one on the right leaped over the other! But that wasn’t unexpected, because the other was ready! He turned him over and came on top! though the first was still the one with the more ferocious moves, the other matched him pretty well …the struggle continued.

The ones around seemed to be cheering.. one of them a little too loudly. The wrestlers must have noticed that too, because seconds later both of them abandoned their fight and charged towards the poor chap!

He escaped just in time. *phew* I hadn’t realized I was holding my breadth!

But, unfortunately for me *this was just getting better!*, by the time the chasers came back from their pursuit, the audience’s mood had gone slack. They had had enough entertainment for the time being.

They went back to the usual.

Just walking around with not a care in the world. ..And I continued my stroll..

Would you believe if I said I was talking of birds?

The Hollow Man

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“What if my happiness lies in another’s happiness?” On being asked this question I was taken aback for a second.
If your happiness is only someone else being happy, then what exactly is your own desire: their desires?

What is a person if not a reflection of his desires* and his life if not a strive towards them?
And if his desires are not his own, how is his strive his? How is his life his? How is he his?

*Every person has their own ideology, characteristics, preferences, thoughts. These, coupled with happiness form one’s desires, one’s wants. Doesn’t that make man a reflection of his own desires?

The way we live.

February 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Means to an end.

Don’t we look at most things we do in life as that? Doing something we are not happy doing in hope of an end which will reward us? A rough road leading to a destination?

Haha. If taken that way, wouldn’t it describe life itself? Means to an end. Apt indeed.


But we don’t want that! A rough and laboring life only to die in the end! No! We want results during the lifetime. Money, fame, popularity, you name it. But as soon as we reach one “end”, the next “means” begins; for the next “end” and so on until the natural end.

So essentially it is a rough and laboring life only to die in the end (with a few numbered perks during the lifetime). How very satisfying a life.


Ok. Now I should probably stop mocking reality. But before closing, I ask you:

When you know that no matter what you do, your end is going to be death, why not enjoy every minute of life and be happy rather than keep running for something that will make you happy for a moment after which the next race will begin?

Is that one moment really worth all those months and years?

Why live life as a cumulative mass of those never ending “means to an end” when you can just be happy throughout?